Friday, February 13, 2015


No guessing, Pat Duran's Springfield Gourmet Taco spells out the answers for celiacs', vegetarians and the health conscious, no excuses the information you need to make smart choices is available for you to ponder. That's right, it's on the table listed in plain sight. There is no need to fuss and explain your complicated dietary needs with the servers.

The prices are likely the best value around...

Springfield Gourmet Taco Company takes a simple taco and broadens the spectrum beyond our wildest imagination. The combinations are plentiful enough to suit anyone's taste buds. Yes, you can take "I hate Mexican,"  Uncle Frank and order a bbq chicken taco.

Tacos are fun, and eating with your fingers is always an enjoyable ice breaker. Saturday night, I dug right into a fresh lettuce wrapped taco. Although it was a difficult decision, I decided on the Asian inspired Hawaiian with citrus lime chicken covered in shredded cabbage and pineapple, and complemented by the delicious cilantro cream sauce. I had a couple of bites of the Baja. It's unique with a blend of fajita chicken in a Mediterranean style with spinach, feta and balsamic vinegar. Both were excellent choices, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be the Hawaiin.  However, rest assured, I have returned several times and it's never boring. The Frito Pie with cistrus-lime chicken is awesome and a new favorite is the Island Salad; it's Huge! 

The rice and bean side orders are well worth trying and for my com-padre the favorite traditional Frito Pie, and various quesos and guacamole recipes are a hit. Oh,  and did I mention the margaritas are smooth? They are...

The decor is a great accompaniment for the less than serious nature of the delicious food. There's a wonderful collection of unconventional photographic prints of the stars that have defined Hollywood over the years. Please, do not miss the black and white of Audrey Hepburn as you exit the restroom area, her beauty is worthy of a sigh, so go ahead and just do it!

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