Monday, March 16, 2015


Fresh, clean, with a neighborly atmosphere, and best of all friendly to the gluten sensitive and vegetarian patron. Jason's Deli will make the sandwich of your choice on gluten-free bread for only .50 cents more than the regular menu price.

Gluten-Free Served Wrapped
Fast and delicious, it's all spelled out on a special menu for the gluten sensitive or vegetarian diet. Jason's Deli: Gluten Sensitive Menu and Jason's Deli Vegetarian Menu. Although they point out the fact that they are not a gluten-free restaurant, the gluten-free sandwiches are made with and abundance of caution and delivered to your table tightly wrapped. 

Papa Joe on Gluten -Free Bread
The sandwiches are stacked high with a generous amount of meat and fixings.  I had the Papa Joe,  which consists of a pesto spread, asiago,  carved turkey, and Italian tomatoes seasoned with loads of oregano all piled onto lightly toasted bread.

The restaurant in Springfield, MO is immaculate with a very friendly staff. The salad bar appears fresh and well-maintained. They offer a wide selection of soups and sandwiches and free soft serve dessert is available if you dine-in.

 Jason's Deli Regular Menu
Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich on Regular Bread