Sunday, February 8, 2015


Design, texture, color, and architecture might remind you of  fabulous atmosphere, but add flavor and you’ve just described the food at Flo Eatery & Wine Bar. Under the direction of a fine staff and owners Johnson and Johnny Tan, exotic dining truly is a surprisingly affordable experience. Known around town for their social plates, Flo’s full menu features an array of whimsically designed Sushi, and international entrees as well as local favorites.

Begin the evening with a nice wine from the largest by the glass selection in town or my favorite, the smooth Island Margarita Martini, but do yourself a favor and ask the server to sweeten the rim with sugar instead of
salt. Pair your tonic with a Spicy Tuna Tuna Roll, and enjoy the sweet tangy lime as it contrasts with the peppery sushi loaded with the freshest red tuna around.  Beware; it is an explosion of provocative excitement for your taste buds. Shared, amongst the seductive red décor and ambient lighting, it’s the perfect beginning to an intimate night out.

Continue the evening with one of the many entrees from the new menu. On the lighter side, try one of my favorites, grilled fish tacos topped with guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and spicy mayo. I like to drizzle mine with a generous amount of house hot sauce, messy, fun, and delicious, but if you are particularly in the party mood try the ultimate social appetizer, Flo’s famous fresh guacamole custom made table-side by your server.

Reliable sources tell me, Wheat Belly by William Davis MD is a  bestselling book in Springfield, so I point out: the staff is more than happy to grill gluten-free any of the floured and fried fish or chicken dishes to accommodate the Celiac or gluten intolerant diet. I suggest; the Teriyaki chicken skewers or the deliciously spicy salt & pepper chicken covered with plenty of fresh jalapeños. 
Personally, as a person with Celiac disease and a few food allergies, I find the kitchen staff at Flo very conscientious and accommodating, but it’s easy for everyone.

 Try a pasta dish, pizza or one of the popular sandwiches.  I love the pan seared salmon, fire grilled chicken breast or one of two fire grilled steaks, and anticipate the arrival of a mouthwatering work of art.

End the perfect dining experience with a wonderful Crème Brule. Be assured you will enjoy the crunchy top and creamy custard center made with a notably fine quality of vanilla. Even the most discriminating taste will find the food and service at Flo satisfying. 

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Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken