Tuesday, May 5, 2015


For years I've been adding a little coffee to my beef based creations. It boosts the flavor without a lot of unnecessary sodium. So, I guess it was only a matter of time before I picked-up on the new coffee-rub trend. I  like  layers of flavor. Nevertheless, at times less is more.

Try this...

About an hour before grilling, sprinkle a little coffee onto your raw steaks (I used KC Strips), add a couple of drips of olive oil and rub. Sounds fun, huh? Flip the steak over and repeat.

Grill your steaks!

Add some Onion or Garlic to butter. It's as easy as mincing onion or garlic into a small microwave safe filled with butter or margarine. Zap it in the microwave and drizzle atop your steaks. )Health Tip:Don't use the real butter. Get the one made from Olive Oil so you can at least feel you've attempted healthy). 

Cook some asparagus on that grill and you have a delicious summer meal without all the indoor heat! Enjoy!