Thursday, January 1, 2015

Primas Mexican Grill; Glenstone in Springfield, MO with [Video] Recipe

There are a lot of Mexican restaurants and most of them are good so, today after having lunch at Primas with my son I ask myself; why do I return so often? It's the differences that keep me returning.

The spacious free-standing building is open and uncluttered with a minimalist modern Hispanic inspired decor. It's beautiful, but more importantly the design eliminates annoying background noise that interferes with good food and good conversation. As a social eater, I enjoy this aspect of any restaurant and poor acoustics has kept me away from many fine restaurants.

I also love to eat where the staff appears to be happy. I can't speak of the other locations, but the employees seem to like their jobs at the Glenstone location and definitely love the food they serve. Each and every server I've had has been excited to share their favorites.This is important to me; I'm always a bit apprehensive about eating at a restaurant where the server  admittedly hasn't tried the food. I think this is a direct reflection of the owners and management and although I have not met owner Martin Hernandez or any of the other management members; I met Brandon several years ago when he was working hard making sushi at another restaurant. Even as part of the kitchen staff then and as management now, he is hands-on and conscious of the customers and staff and the dining experience at Primas reflects his dedication and excitement.

As for the food, it is excellent and consistent. Beginning with the thin chips and salsa, the ingredients are fresh with tiny differences that make the cuisine seem slightly healthier. It's hard to decide, but I think the fish tacos are my favorite. The sauteed mixture of white fish, onions, tomatoes, peppers and and ample amount of cilantro is simply delicious. The white fish is an excellent choice for the concoction as it keeps the meaty texture without disintegrating like many of the other possible choices. Topped with cabbage rather than lettuce, it's a winner for me. Served with rice and beans, you can't walk away hungry.

My second choice would have to be the enchilada salad which is a clever dish that must be somewhat unique to Primas. It is two enchiladas, one cheese and one beef drenched in enchilada sauce and covered with mounds of fresh shredded lettuce and tiny chunks of tomato served as a salad. The dish has plenty of flavor so, no dressing is needed.

My son raves about the chicken fajita nachos. The blend of dripping cheeses, grilled onions, peppers, and chicken fajita style is the best of two of his favorites and apparently they do it well because he has eaten a lot of them. Nevertheless, today he tried Bistek Tampiqueno and allowed me one bite of the steak. It was amazing with a slight blackened flavor grilled with skill  that kept the center pink and juicy to absolute perfection. It is a hearty meal choice served with melted cheese, grilled onions and peppers with a sides of rice and beans.

The margaritas are excellent and they have a variety of tequilas and special recipes that are far too tasty, and if you prefer a good Mexican beer they have plenty of those,  too. It's a nice place to sit back and enjoy great food and drinks with friends. I highly recommend! If you want more information, Primas Mexican Grill has a nice website Primas Mexican Grill where you can sign-up for email specials. I signed-up and received a coupon for a half-price appetizer.

Here's a fun treat:
The restaurant also has a YouTube video How Primas Mexican Grill Makes Homemade Pablano Peppers, Watch & Enjoy, maybe you can make some at home.

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